Pop-Rock e Rock – O a U


Oingo Boingo – Dead Man’s Party
Oingo Boingo – Just Another Day
Oingo Boingo – Stay
Oingo Boingo – We Close Our Eyes

Owl City – Alligator Sky
Owl City – Angels
Owl City – Deer In The Headlights
Owl City – Dementia
Owl City – Dreams and Disasters
Owl City – Dreams Don’t Turn To Dust
Owl City – Embers
Owl City – Fireflies
Owl City – Galaxies
Owl City – Gold
Owl City – Good Time
Owl City – Honey And The Bee
Owl City – Hospital Flowers
Owl City – I’m Coming After You
Owl City – January 28, 1986
Owl City – Kamikaze
Owl City – Metropolis
Owl City – Plant Life
Owl City – Shooting Star
Owl City – Silhouette
Owl City – Speed Of Love
Owl City – Take It All Away
Owl City – The Real World
Owl City – The Yacht Club


Pearl Jam – Alive Pearl Jam – All or none
Pearl Jam – Betterman Pearl Jam – Black
Pearl Jam – Blood
Pearl Jam – Blue, red and grey
Pearl Jam – Breath
Pearl Jam – Corduroy
Pearl Jam – Crazy Mary
Pearl Jam – Cropduster
Pearl Jam – Daughter
Pearl Jam – Don’t Go
Pearl Jam – Down
Pearl Jam – Driven to Tears
Pearl Jam – Encore Break

Pink Floyd – In the Flesh
Pink Floyd – Outside The Wall
Pink Floyd – The Great Gig In The Sky
Pink Floyd – Us And Them
Pink Floyd – Wish You Were Here

Plain White – Hey There Delilah


Queen – Another One Bites the Dust
Queen – Breakthru
Queen – Do It Again
Queen – God Is On The Radio
Queen – I Want It All
Queen – Innuendo
Queen – Killer Queen
Queen – No One Knows
Queen – Now I’m Here
Queen – The Invisible Man


Robin Thicke – All Tied Up
Robin Thicke – An Angel On Each Arm
Robin Thicke – Boring
Robin Thicke – Cloud 9
Robin Thicke – Dangerous
Robin Thicke – Full Time Believer
Robin Thicke – I’m An Animal
Robin Thicke – It’s In The Mornin
Robin Thicke – Love After War
Robin Thicke – Lovely Lady
Robin Thicke – Magic
Robin Thicke – Make U Love Me
Robin Thicke – Meiplé
Robin Thicke – Mission
Robin Thicke – Mrs. Sexy
Robin Thicke – Never Give Up
Robin Thicke – Pretty Lil’ Heart
Robin Thicke – Sex Therapy
Robin Thicke – Shakin’ It 4 Daddy
Robin Thicke – Tears On My Tuxedo
Robin Thicke – The Lil’ Things
Robin Thicke – The New Generation
Robin Thicke – What Would I Be

Roxette – Anyone
Roxette – Crash! Boom! Bang!
Roxette – Dangerous
Roxette – Fading Like a Flower
Roxette – In My Own Way
Roxette – It Must Have Been
Roxette – Listen To Your Heart
Roxette – Queen Of Rain
Roxette – She’s Got The Look
Roxette – Sleeping in My Car
Roxette – The Look
Roxette – Wish I Could Fly


Santana – Dance Sister Dance (Baila Mi Hermana)
Santana – Everybody’s Everything
Santana – Evil Ways
Santana – Hold On
Santana – Jingo
Santana – Let the Children Play
Santana – Lightning in the Sky
Santana – She’s Not There
Santana – Black Magic Woman
Santana – Carnaval
Santana – Oye Como Va

Savage Garden – A Thousand Words
Savage Garden – Affirmation
Savage Garden – Break Me Shake Me
Savage Garden – Carry On Dancing
Savage Garden – Chained To You
Savage Garden – Crash And Burn
Savage Garden – Fire Inside the Man
Savage Garden – Hold Me
Savage Garden – I Knew I Loved You
Savage Garden – I Don’t Care
Savage Garden – I Want You
Savage Garden – I’ll Bet He Was Cool
Savage Garden – Mine
Savage Garden – Promises
Savage Garden – Santa Monica
Savage Garden – So Beautiful
Savage Garden – Tears Of Pearls
Savage Garden – The Animal Song
Savage Garden – This Side of Me
Savage Garden – To the Moon & Back
Savage Garden – Truly Madly Deeply
Savage Garden – Violet
Savage Garden – Universe

Simply Red – A New Flame
Simply Red – For Your Babies
Simply Red – If You Don’t Know Me By Now
Simply Red – Money’s Too Tight
Simply Red – Never Never Love
Simply Red – Night Nurse
Simply Red – Stars
Simply Red – Sunrise
Simply Red – Your Mirror
Simply Red – You’ve Got It

Steve Vai – Aching Hunger
Steve Vai – All About Eve
Steve Vai – Brother
Steve Vai – Damn You
Steve Vai – Deepness
Steve Vai – Dying For Your Love
Steve Vai – Fire Wall
Steve Vai – Genocide
Steve Vai – I’m Your Secrets
Steve Vai – Little Alligator

Stevie Nicks – Edge of Seventeen
Stevie Nicks – Everybody Loves You
Stevie Nicks – If Anyone Falls
Stevie Nicks – Italian Summer
Stevie Nicks – Leather And Lace
Stevie Nicks – Sometimes It’s a Bitch

Stevie Ray Vaughan – Aint Gone N Give Up On Love
Stevie Ray Vaughan – All Your Love I Miss Loving
Stevie Ray Vaughan – Close To You
Stevie Ray Vaughan – Cold Shot
Stevie Ray Vaughan – Couldnt Stand The Weather
Stevie Ray Vaughan – In the Garden
Stevie Ray Vaughan – Johnny Copeland
Stevie Ray Vaughan – Let Me Love You Baby
Stevie Ray Vaughan – Life Without You
Stevie Ray Vaughan – Look At Little Sister
Stevie Ray Vaughan – Pride And Joy
Stevie Ray Vaughan – Scuttle Buttin
Stevie Ray Vaughan – Superstition [Live]
Stevie Ray Vaughan – The House Is Rockin
Stevie Ray Vaughan – The Sky Is Crying
Stevie Ray Vaughan – Tin Pan Allau
Stevie Ray Vaughan – Voodoo Chile (Slight Return)

Sting – Can’t Stand Losing You
Sting – Every Breath You Take
Sting – Fields of Gold
Sting – Fragile
Sting – If You Love Somebody Set Them Free
Sting – Roxanne
Sting – Russians
Sting – Seven Days
Sting – Walking on the Moon
Sting – When We Dance


Taylor Dayne – Can’t Get Enough of Your Love, Ba
Taylor Dayne – Don’t Rush Me
Taylor Dayne – Heart of Stone
Taylor Dayne – I’ll Always Love You
Taylor Dayne – I’ll Be Your Shelter
Taylor Dayne – I’ll Wait
Taylor Dayne – Love Will Lead You Back
Taylor Dayne – Prove Your Love
Taylor Dayne – Say a Prayer
Taylor Dayne – Send Me a Lover
Taylor Dayne – Tell It to My Heart
Taylor Dayne – With Every Beat of My Heart

The Cranberries – Dying Inside
The Cranberries – Every Morning
The Cranberries – Never Grow Old
The Cranberries – Not Sorry
The Cranberries – Pretty Eyes
The Cranberries – Put Me Down
The Cranberries – Still Can’t
The Cranberries – Wanted


The Pretty Reckless – Dear Sister
The Pretty Reckless – Factory Girl
The Pretty Reckless – Just Tonight
The Pretty Reckless – Miss Nothing
The Pretty Reckless – Nothing Left to Lose
The Pretty Reckless – Since You’re Gone
The Pretty Reckless – Sweet Things
The Pretty Reckless – Waiting for a Friend
The Pretty Reckless – Why’d You Bring a Shotgun to the Party
The Pretty Reckless – Zombie


U2 – All Because Of You
U2 – All That You Can´t Leave Behind – 05 – Peace On Earth
U2 – Beautiful Day
U2 – Desire
U2 – New Year’s Day
U2 – One Life
U2 – Staring At The Sun
U2 – Stay (Faraway, So Close!)
U2 – The Fly U2 – Vertigo
U2 – Walk On
U2 – When Love Comes To Town