Pop-Rock e Rock – A a O



A Ha – Analogue
A Ha – Butterfly, Butterfly
A Ha – Foot of The Mountain
A Ha – Forever Not Yours – Remastered
A Ha – Ive Been Losing You (Live In Croydon)
A Ha – Minor Earth Major Sky
A Ha – Lifelines
A Ha – Move To Memphis
A Ha – Summer Moved On
A Ha – Take On Me
A Ha – The Blood That Moves The Body
A Ha – The Sun Always Shines on TV
A Ha – The Swing Of Things
A Ha – Velvet
A Ha – We’re Looking For The Whales


Freddie Mercury – Barcelona
Freddie Mercury – El Gran Simulador
Freddie Mercury – I Was Born to Love You
Freddie Mercury – The Great Pretender
Freddie Mercury – Living On My Own


Guns N’ Rose – If The World
Guns N’ Rose – Don’t Cry
Guns N’ Rose – Sweet Child O’ Mine


Haddaway – Fly Away
Haddaway – I Miss You
Haddaway – I’ll Wait For You
Haddaway – Life
Haddaway – Please Don’t Go
Haddaway – Rock My Heart
Haddaway – What About Me
Haddaway – What Is Love

Heart – Alone
Heart – Back To Avalon
Heart – Dog and Butterfly
Heart – Dreamboat Annie (reprise)
Heart – If Looks Could Kill
Heart – Never
Heart – Straight On
Heart – Stranded
Heart – Strong, Strong Wind
Heart – Surrender To Me
Heart – There’s The Girl
Heart – These Dreams
Heart – This Man Is Mine
Heart – What About Love


Iggy Pop – Beside You
Iggy Pop – Candy
Iggy Pop – China Girl
Iggy Pop – Real Wild Child
Iggy Pop – The Passenger

INXS – Afterglow
INXS – By My Side
INXS – Devil Inside
INXS – Disappear
INXS – Elegantly Wasted
INXS – Mystify
INXS – Original Sin
INXS – Suicide Blonde
INXS – Taste It


Katrina & The Waves – Rock Myself To Sleep
Katrina & The Waves – Sun Street
Katrina and The Waves – Love Shine A Light
Katrina & The Waves – Love That Boy
Katrina and The Waves – Red Wine And Whiskey
Katrina & The Waves – Walkin On Sunshine

King of Leons – Closer
King of Leons – Notion
King of Leons – On Call
King of Leons – Pyro
King of Leons – Revelry
King of Leons – Sex in The Fire
King of Leons – Use Somebody


Led Zepplin – Heartbreaker
Led Zepplin – Kashmire
Led Zepplin – Immigrant Song
Led Zepplin – Knockin on Heaven’s Door
Led Zepplin – Moby Dick


Marillion – Beautiful
Marillion – Cover My Eyes (Pain And Heaven)
Marillion – Don`t Hurt Yourself
Marillion – Easter
Marillion – Kayleigh

Maroon 5 – Animals
Maroon 5 – Harder To Breathe
Maroon 5 – Lost Star
Maroon 5 – Makes Me Wonder
Maroon 5 – Misery (Main Version)
Maroon 5 – Moves Like Jagger Piano Cover By Erices
Maroon 5 – Never Gonna Leave This Bed
Maroon 5 – Payphone (feat. Wiz Khalifa)
Maroon 5 – She Will Be Loved
Maroon 5 – Sugar
Maroon 5 – Wake Up Call
Maroon 5 – Won’t Go Home Without You

Matchbox Twenty – Disease
Matchbox Twenty – Downfall
Matchbox Twenty – Push
Matchbox Twenty – Rest Stop
Matchbox Twenty – Shame
Matchbox Twenty – Unwell

Metallica – Mama Said
Metallica – Fade To Black
Metallica – Sad But True
Metallica – The Day That Never Come
Metallica – The Unforgiven
Metallica – Whiskey In The Jar

Modest Mouse – Bukowski
Modest Mouse – Bury Me with It
Modest Mouse – Float On

Mr. Mister – Black/White
Mr. Mister – Broken Wings (Remastered 2001)
Mr. Mister – Control
Mr. Mister – Don’t Slow Down
Mr. Mister – Healing Waters
Mr. Mister – Hunters of the Night
Mr. Mister – Into My Own Hands
Mr. Mister – Is it Love
Mr. Mister – Kyrie
Mr. Mister – Partners In Crime
Mr. Mister – Power Over Me
Mr. Mister – Run To Her
Mr. Mister – Something Real (Inside Me/Inside You)
Mr. Mister – Stand and Deliver
Mr. Mister – Talk The Talk
Mr. Mister – Tangent Tears
Mr. Mister – The Border
Mr. Mister – Uniform Of Youth
Mr. Mister – Waiting In My Dreams
Mr. Mister – Watching The World
Mr. Mister – Welcome To The Real World


Ozzy Osbourne – Crazy Train
Ozzy Osbourne – In My Life
Ozzy Osbourne – Road to Nowhere
Ozzy Osbourne – Suicide Solution
Ozzy Osbourne and Lita Ford – Close My Eyes Forever

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