New Age



Anael – Be Still Thy Soul
Anael – Though Lovers Be Lost
Anael – Triumphant
Anael – Who You Are


Celtic Chill – Ae Fond Kiss
Celtic Chill – Beyond The Mist
Celtic Chill – Chakra
Celtic Chill – Distant Sounds
Celtic Chill – Locked On The Inside
Celtic Chill – Simple Words
Celtic Chill – Timeless
Celtic Chill – View From A Hill

Celtic Woman – A Woman’s Heart
Celtic Woman – Beyond The Sea
Celtic Woman – Black Is The Colour
Celtic Woman – Bridge Over Troubled Water
Celtic Woman – Caledonia
Celtic Woman – Dúlaman
Celtic Woman – Follow On
Celtic Woman – Goodnight My Angel
Celtic Woman – Granuaile’s Dance
Celtic Woman – Hush Little Baby
Celtic Woman – Lascia Ch’io Pianga
Celtic Woman – Mo Ghile Mear
Celtic Woman – Nocturne
Celtic Woman – Over The Rainbow
Celtic Woman – Teir Abhaile Riu
Celtic Woman – The Blessing
Celtic Woman – The Last Rose Of Summer
Celtic Woman – The Sky And The Dawn And The Sun
Celtic Woman – The Voice
Celtic Woman – Vivaldi’s Rain
Celtic Woman – Walking In The Air
Celtic Woman – When You Wish Upon A Star

Corciolli – Air
Corciolli – Coração Invisível
Corciolli – Highlander
Corciolli – Hypnotize Me
Corciolli – Infinity
Corciolli – Joanne’s Dream
Corciolli – Livro das Lembranças
Corciolli – Misty
Corciolli – Real Dancer
Corciolli – Under The Stars


Enigma – Age Of Loneliness
Enigma – Boum Boum
Enigma – Following The Sun
Enigma – Gravity Of Love
Enigma – La Puerta Del Cielo
Enigma – Lost Eight
Enigma – Lost Eleven
Enigma – Lost Four
Enigma – Lost Nine
Enigma – Lost Six
Enigma – Mea Culpa Part II
Enigma – Principles Of Lust
Enigma – Return To Innocence
Enigma – Sadeness – Part I
Enigma – T.N.T. For The Brain
Enigma – Voyageur

Enya – After Ventus
Enya – Althair Ar Neamh
Enya – Amarantine
Enya – Amid The Falling Snow
Enya – Any Where
Enya – Bard Dance
Enya – Book of Days
Enya – Caribbean Blue
Enya – Celtic Rain
Enya – China Roses
Enya – Drifting Enya – Ebudae
Enya – Exile
Enya – Fagaim Mo Bhaile
Enya – From Here I Am
Enya – It’s In The Rain
Enya – La Sonãdora
Enya – Less Than A Pearl
Enya – Long Long Journey
Enya – Lothlórien
Enya – Only Time
Enya – Orinoco Flow
Enya – Pax Deorum
Enya – River
Enya – Shepherd Moons
Enya – Smaointe
Enya – Storms in Africa (Part II)
Enya – Storms in Africa
Enya – The River Sings
Enya – Waterfall


Gregorian – A Face In The Crowd
Gregorian – A Whiter Shade of Pale
Gregorian – Angels
Gregorian – Arrival
Gregorian – Ave Maria
Gregorian – Black Wings
Gregorian – Born To Feel Alive
Gregorian – Crazy Crazy Nights
Gregorian – Dark Angel
Gregorian – Happy X-Mas (War Is Over)
Gregorian – Kashmir

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